Christmas trees


OPEN DAILY: We are most thankful that we did not burn during the fires.

                     So, we ARE OPEN and hope to see all of you this year.

                     Monday-Friday 10:00-dark, we do not have lights!

                     Saturday & Sunday 9-dark., we do not have lights!

                      CLOSED THURSDAY, DEC. 8 REOPEN FRIDAY DEC. 9

Our Christmas tree forest is very special. Here you will be able to harvest a beautiful  Christmas tree from one of our 8 varieties and leave a living tree by cutting above the bottom set of branches!   One of the remaining branches will become a new tree.  Our trees include: Douglas fir, Scotch pine, Incense cedar, Coastal Redwood,  Giant Sequoia, White Fir, Monterrey pine, and Silver Fir, and Nordman fir.

We offer free warm apple cider and candy canes or tootsie roll pops in our pottery, painting, sculpture and bonsai shop and gallery, where unique gifts made by artists Caryn Fried and Wayne Reynolds are available.

TREE PRICES:   Standard farm tree  $52

                               Pink tag specials individually priced above $52

                                        Blue tags specials priced from  $5 - $45